TTheLegendGoesSmallhe legend goes…

The grounds have been infected by a nearby industrial accident. Zombies are swarming in search of BRAINS. You must gather your friends, family, co-workers or anyone else you feel is brave enough to challenge the 5K Zombie Infested Obstacle Course: PANDEMIC. (You also may want to bring someone expendable to use as bait to slow down and confuse our Zombies – maybe that guy from Finance that no one likes.)

The Wisconsin Zombie Mud Run (WZMR) is your chance to prepare for the apocalypse in this thrilling endurance race for your life that pits you against PANDEMIC (obstacle course) and our ZOMBIE HORDE. Face your FEARS and try to survive the PANDEMIC… where you’re either quick, or you’re dead!

Your mission: successfully navigate the 5K course and all 13 obstacles, while attempting to avoid the multitude of zombies and losing all 3 of your life lines. Crossing the finish line with at least 1 life line intact is all that stands between you and future greatness.

Pandemic consists of the following obstacles:
  1. The Dark Abyss
  2. Labyrinth
  3. Bedlam
  4. The Beast
  5. The Dirty Name
  6. Green HELL
  7. Havoc
  8. Unstable
  9. Torment
  10. Chaos Crawl
  11. Tough Nut
  12. Carnage
  13. Slide For Your Life




Van “The Man” McNeil

The voice of the living and the dead alike at the Wisconsin Zombie Mud Run will be Van “The Man” McNeil of 99.1 WMYX. Van will be on-site all day to keep the living motivated and the dead distracted…hopefully.MIX_LOGO

After years in the market, Van moved to The Mix in 2006, where he’s continued keeping Milwaukeeans in the loop with the oddest possible news stories in the world, and playing Mix music from noon to 4pm daily. When he’s not working, you’ve probably heard him as the PA announcer for the Milwaukee Wave. He’s also a proud member of the board of directors of the This Time Tomorrow Foundation, the benefactor of the Wisconsin Zombie Mud Run.






FeargroundsLogoforWebThe Wisconsin Feargrounds is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Wisconsin Zombie Mud Run in 2013. The Feargrounds was rated the number one “Must See” haunted house in 2011 and has annually been the highest rated haunt in southeastern Wisconsin. In 2012, the Feargrounds included three haunted houses as well as their newest special attraction…Revenge…the area’s only Zombie Shooting Gallery. Each year the Wisconsin Feargrounds supports numerous local charities and was thrilled to present the new Wisconsin Zombie Mud Run in 2013.

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